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A local company with decades of experience in home and kitchen appliance repair: refrigerator, stove, oven, washer, dryer

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Appliance repair reviews from Yelp, Google, etc.

Yelp Review

5 5 1
Called them to have service for my Maytag dishwasher. Technician came and checked out my dishwasher. Explained me the problem and left for a few minutes to get the part needed. And came back installed it. Very happy with them. Easily 5 stars for these guys!! Really quick service with them.

Google Review

5 5 1
Very professional service. Placed order for sub zero refrigerator repair on the same day. Technician came by and did thorough diagnostics. He determined the issue from the faulty wiring because of high heat in the rear side of the fridge. He fixed the issue on the spot and it started running smoothly again. I found the repair very affordable and reasonable. For little additional cost tech performed planned maintenance and explained further precautions we need to take for proper running of refrigerator. I recommend ZR Appliance Repair Orange County for sub zero appliance owners for quality and professional repair.

Google Review

5 5 1
I have used a tech from ZR appliance repair OC for DCS stove. He arrived on time and fixed the issue quickly. Will use this company again and recommend to others.


Why ZR Appliance Repair?

➡ Certified Technicians
➡ Daily Online Discounts
➡ Service All Brands
➡ On Time Every Time
➡ Warranty on Parts & Labor
➡ Free Estimate with Repair
➡ Professional & Friendly Staff
➡ DCA Licensed and Insured
➡ Appointment on the Same Day
➡ Multiple Appliance Discount
➡ High-End Appliance Specialized


As home and kitchen appliances are part of our convenient lives, getting a professional repair when needed is another portion we always expect. For us professional means quick and quality repair of our appliances for long term usage again. Also the rates being affordable, sorts out our interest and willingness to keep contact with those appliance repair services. In the guidelines of providing excellent service and affordable cost, we, an experienced team of technicians, are branding ourselves under ZR Stove Repair Los Angeles. Our techs are trained to be experts and issue solvers to give a valid and effective solution to the problem households are experiencing. Moreover, most of our technicians are local to Los Angeles who know and understand the conditions of the local area and neighboring cities. Therefore, we are proud to call ourselves local   company for the trust of our neighbors who need appliance issues resolved instantly, locally and effectively.

What appliance services we provide in Los Angeles?

Repair any make, any model refrigerator, freezer, ice maker, ice machine and wine coolers which are in huge usage by the households of Los Angeles people. As these appliances are comfort and healthy part of diet maintenance, our techs are very familiar with the seasonal effects of nature to our cooling appliances. Therefore, we offer regular check ups to prevent bigger issues and the loss of freshness from our food and drinks. There are few steps every household needs to follow for better functioning of cooling and freezing appliances, like, letting air ventilate well in the areas of appliance mechanisms are located, keeping the room temperature in a normal level to prevent overheating in the ceiling area and back-covered shelves. If something serious comes up, call our refrigerator repair Los Angeles for quick scheduling and servicing of appliances.

Repair stoves, ovens, ranges and cooktops. As we know, most households of Los Angeles are eager to cook their own food menu at home, which will be processed with the help of cooking and heating appliances. Have one of the latest electric or gas stoves and ranges? And an issue  is preventing you from comfort of cooking. Stove repair service of ZR is a quick call away to provide its support. Maybe you cook your meal on the cooktop. That is not a problem too. We have highly trained technicians who know ever detail and functionality of those gas and electric cooktops. If they are not performing those steps, you can let us know, we sill send the right technician to your door.

  • Not igniting
  • Not heating
  • Non stop clicking
  • Unusual heating
  • Unusual surface heating
  • Producing smell

After all if your plan was baking something awesome or new menu for family. Double check your oven function before starting. Found something unusual? Or something is not looking right? Hey, we have oven repair Los Angeles team ready to be at your doorsteps in few hours. It may sound to "C'mon!!!" Let's say it for the sake that we are local or call us ZRrrrr! Matter of fact is we have technicians who can exactly tell you the way it needs to be repaired.

Let's get into the laundry room now. Most of the time every thing works fine as long as you do easy maintenance with your washer:

  1. Inspect the hoses
  2. Do not overload it
  3. Use the appropriate amount of detergent
  4. Clean out the fabric softener dispenser

Dryer also requires typical maintenance in order to prevent from bigger issues arising

  1. Remove the lint from lint filter after every usage
  2. Clean the dryer venting tube
  3. Check the area around the dryer's vent cap outside
  4. Keep close attention to the drying time

If you got something serious, again call us right away without hesitation, as we try to give recommendation over the phone too. Or simply schedule your service appointment online for washer repair Los Angeles. After all those words are not to claim that we are the best in the west. Those are remarks that we truly strive to do reliable and local service for our Orange County residents. We think that quality should necessity of every repair but price should be affordable for our neighbors.

ZR Appliance Repair LA is at 5452 Halbrent Ave, Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, CA 91411. Phone: 323-302-9901.