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Dryer Repair

Hi, welcome to ZR Repair. You might be here because:

Your dryer is not heating

Dryer leaves stains on clothes

Dryer smells bad

Dryer in Orange County has stopped working

Maytag dryer panel is off

Whirlpool dryer door is stuck

Or you are experiencing other problems such as:

Broken knob on Frigidaire dryer

Seal is loose

gasket has ripped

dryer needs maintenance

Fun fact: The recent study done in California showed that we use electrical dryers more than gas dryers cuz we are a bunch of hippies, you know…

You are probably considering reading reviews first. Like the Google Maps ones.

The issue with reviews is that it’s very easy to write and post fake ones. Content can be altered or deleted, therefore, shouldn’t be trusted.

Who is ZR Appliance Repair?

We are team of licensed repairmen that are local to cities like Huntington Beach, Orange and Brea that provide great pricing and and stand behind their work by backing it with warranty.

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