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Yorba Linda Frigidaire oven ignitor repair

Kenmore oven burner services near Garden Grove area

Frigidaire repair for oven not heating evenly

Oven brand kitchenAid smells like gas

Santa Ana repair for Samsung oven not heating on one side

So, okay… You are wondering? Will ZR Appliance live up to their reputation? Let’s go over some problems you might be dealing with..

Won’t heat up enough

ignitor making clicking noise

Not maintaining heat 

Smells like gas

It’s smoking!

Fun Fact:

Ancient Greeks used ovens mainly to make bread, and they also made small, portable ovens that were used as early as the 1600s BC.

If you are thinking that checking out reviews on sites like Yelp may be a good idea? You might reconsider after this…

Reviews on certain sites are not as dependable as they seem. Large and small companies have a network of people who they hire solely to come up with creative reviews for them. Be careful what you read. Just go with your instinct.

Who is ZR Appliance?

We are team of licensed repairmen that are local to cities like Huntington Beach, Orange and Brea that provide great pricing and and stand behind their work by backing it with warranty.

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