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You probably searched for the following … and came across this.

Irvine Thermador range repair 

Samsung range burner repair in Costa Mesa

Service on Viking range ignitor in Anaheim

Brea KitchenAid range heating element repair

Viking range oven services in Fullerton

Now you may be thinking? Is this company up for a job such as:

Smells like gas

Not heating

Keeps clicking

Oven not heating evenly

Broken knob

If you are thinking you should check out some Yelp reviews.. think again

Spammy review sites are not a good source to base your repair choices on. Any company can find writers to post random reviews. You can not go off reviews alone. It simply is not recommended. 

Fun Fact: The difference between a range, stove, and a cooktop is … A range and stove are used interchangeably. Also, a range is a 1 piece cooktop that uses gas electricity and induction.

Who is ZR Appliance Repair?

We are team of licensed repairmen that are local to cities like Huntington Beach, Orange and Brea that provide great pricing and and stand behind their work by backing it with warranty.

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